When it comes to farm families, Elaine Froese knows them inside and out. Her topics are a catalyst to courageous conversations and conflict resolution.

Expect her to wow your audience by bringing clarity with workable and practical tools. She’s out to empower farmers to get unstuck and find harmony in understanding.


For over 30 years, Certified Coach Elaine Froese has been a spark plug for courageous conversations with farm teams. You can expect her to deliver on the following: Clarity of Expectations, Certainty of Timelines, Commitment to Act, Empowered family, Increased profit, and Secured legacy.

Whether you’re looking for 1-on-1 coaching or a “Coach on Call in the Hall” at your live or virtual event, check out what Elaine can do for you.

Farm Family Harmony Podcast

Get personal with Elaine Froese, Canada’s Farm Whisperer, in Farm Family Harmony, where no farm topic is taboo!

Whether it’s about a Daughter-In-Law feeling left out of the farm family, which sibling gets the family farm, or when it’s time to tell Mom and Dad to respectfully change roles, Elaine covers the crucial conversations every farm family needs to have.

Farm Family Transition Membership

A membership for seamless farm transitions without turmoil, legal complexities, or family fights.

Join the waitlist for the Farm Family Transition Membership and be the first to be notified when it is ready at the end of harvest season.


Over 25 years, Elaine Froese has captivated 50,000+ readers and influenced over 9 million people. She is known as a go-to expert on farm family transitions and dynamics.

Her books are a collection of insights and practical tools to help farm families and their advisors communicate better, plan their succession, and secure legacy. Her real-life examples provide hope and comfort to readers. For farmers who don’t have time to read, order her audiobook “Building Your Farm Legacy.

Free Farm Family Resources

Find complimentary tools and resources provided by farm whisperer, Elaine Froese. These are great starting points for getting clarity and finding harmony with your farm family.

Discover areas of tension in your farm family. Find out your core values and how they can align with decisions made on the farm. Plus find ways to break through to family members who are difficult to talk to.