Roles Storyboard

Living an intentional life works better when you have a “rallying cry” for each of your six key roles. Use this role storyboard as a map for the 3 key things you would like to focus on in each role. Print it out, and hang it on your fridge as a reminder to live with intention every day.

For example: 
Role 1: Family: Teach my child to cook 
Role 2: Work/Farm: Get wills updated 
Role 3: Friends: 2 lunch dates a month

Using the Roles Storyboard will help keep you motivated to improve in 6 key areas of your farm and family life by…

  • Encouraging all the members of your family to support each other more
  • Helping you visualize you and your family’s future wants and needs
  • Helping you prioritize which role requires the most intention
  • Letting you identify what you’ve been putting on the back burner and why
  • Helping you better balance farm and family quality of life so you can stress less and talk more
Roles Storyboard
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