Farm Family Harmony Podcast

Farm Family Harmony Podcast

Get personal with Elaine Froese, Canada’s Farm Whisperer, in Farm Family Harmony, where no farm topic is taboo! Whether it’s about a Daughter-In-Law feeling left out of the farm family, which sibling gets the family farm, or when it’s time to tell Mom and Dad to respectfully change roles, Elaine covers the crucial conversations every farm family needs to have.

  • Get actionable tools for a better balanced life at home on your farm or ranch. 
  • Hear from top agriculture experts and members of Elaine’s coaching team
  • Learn how to discuss the Undiscussabull™ with your farm family in a way that actually works!


Latest Episodes

16: Why Aren’t You More Like Me?

16: Why Aren’t You More Like Me?

In this enlightening episode of the Farm Family Harmony Podcast, Elaine and special guest Dr. Ken Keis delve into the intricate world of conflict resolution within agricultural families. Together, they explore the nuances of interpersonal communication, offering practical strategies and profound insights to navigate the challenges of differing perspectives.

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“I love Elaine for the fact she is so calm, yet blunt, she’s so nurturing, and she is the epitome of a person that can help you understand exactly what the steps are to make the right directional move in family transitional planning.”

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“I’ve worked with Elaine,  on a couple of speaking engagements as well as from promotional side with different organizations that I’m involved in and she is always there to serve.  That’ s what I love about Elaine, whether she’s a podcast guest or a speaker. Whether it’s an hour long key note or a whole day seminar, she is there to serve.”

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