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24: Rats, The Price Went Up After I Sold! Ag Mindsets

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

In this episode of the Farm Family Harmony Podcast, I meet with Arlen Motz of Agribusiness Mindset. We discuss the importance of self-belief and curiosity, highlighting how these elements are crucial for empowering oneself and others. We explore their application in farm transitions, farm planning, leadership, and grain marketing, with Arlen sharing insights from his coaching and leadership training. Prepare to gain valuable perspectives on maintaining open communication, managing emotions effectively, and embracing a growth-oriented mindset. Whether you’re dealing with fluctuating grain prices or navigating family dynamics on the farm, this episode provides practical tools and insights to help you thrive.

“In my journey, I learned that believing in yourself and maintaining a curious mindset can transform how you navigate challenges on the farm. Empower yourself first, and then empower others.” – Arlen Motz

We have discussed grain marketing, farm challenges, and much more. Here are the timestamps.

[1:45] – Discover the importance of the emotional factors affecting planning and marketing in farm transition.

[2:20] – Learn Arlen’s personal experience with farm transition and marketing canola crops with his father-in-law, offering practical examples of navigating intergenerational farming challenges.

[8:50] – Hear how to build self-belief and empower oneself and others through curiosity, to cultivate a growth mindset for personal and professional development.

[10:40] – Gain insight from Arlen’s example of addressing a misunderstanding with his father-in-law through respectful communication, demonstrating practical conflict resolution techniques.

[11:39] – Learn the importance of progress over perfection in relationships to maintain harmony and continuous improvement in family farming operations.

[14:00] – Unlock strategies on how to build trust and collaboration in family farming.

Arlen Motz is a certified personal and business mindset coach with a passion for training leaders on how to be the best they possibly can be. Learn more by visiting:

  • Read Dan Sullivan’s “WHO Not How?” resources by clicking here.

For Elaine’s standard resources, visit:

We hope you found this episode of “Rats, The Price Went Up After I Sold! Ag Mindsets” as insightful as we did, especially with the valuable grain marketing tips! Share your thoughts in the comments below—we’re all ears! Your experiences and perspectives are what make this community thrive. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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