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22: How to be an Emotionally Strong Leader on a Farm

by | May 14, 2024 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

In this episode of the Farm Family Harmony Podcast, Elaine Froese and Lydia Carpenter, part of Elaine’s coaching team, explore the crucial elements of emotional strength in farm leadership. With a focus on empowering both seasoned founders and the next generation of farmers, Elaine and Lydia share practical strategies for fostering resilience, navigating tough conversations, and building trust within farm families. From embracing accountability and adaptability to fostering empathy and open communication, this episode offers invaluable insights for cultivating emotional resilience and fostering harmony in farm leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, this episode provides actionable advice for becoming an emotionally strong leader on the farm.

“It’s stepping back and rising to the occasion of becoming an emotionally strong leader without stepping away.”


[4:54] Discusses emotional intelligence in agriculture, mentioning the importance of self-reflection and adaptability.

[9:18] Reviews building emotional strength in farmers through peer networks and mentorship.

[12:43] Discusses using performance appraisals to identify strengths and weaknesses, improve management support, and foster self-reflection among resistant older farmers.

[16:59] Shares personal experience as a first-generation farmer and relates to founders’ challenges in transferring knowledge to the next generation.

[20:57] Emphasizes the importance of a shared leadership journey for both generations, with a focus on communication, appreciation, and forgiveness.

[25:45] Reviews how clarity of expectations, emotional health, and agreements are key for successful farm leadership.

Lydia Carpenter lives and farms in Manitoba and is a mediator and coach with Elaine Froese Farm Family Coach. She has a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Management with a research focus in rural livelihoods. She has hands-on experience as an owner/operator and built a profitable cattle grazing and beef business as a first-generation farmer. Lydia and her spouse/ business partner are also part of a family farm transition plan with non-family. She is most passionate about the human relationships needed to make farming and rural communities really work. Her passion for the people in agriculture has driven her pursuit of lifelong learning and relationship building. For more information, visit: https://elainefroese.com/coaching/coaching-team/

I hope you found this episode on How to be an Emotionally Strong Leader on a Farm as insightful as we did! Share your thoughts in the comments below—we’re all ears! Your experiences and perspectives are what make this community thrive. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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