21: What Does Money Mean to You?


21: What Does Money Mean to You?

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

In this thought-provoking episode of the Farm Family Harmony Podcast, What Does Money Mean to You? Elaine and financial psychologist Dr. Moira Somers dive into the complexities of wealth and legacy within affluent families. They explore the intricate web of personal narratives surrounding money, emphasizing its profound impact on family dynamics and future planning. Throughout their discussion, they stress the importance of financial responsibility, literacy, and effective communication in managing family wealth and resolving conflicts. Together, they provide practical insights and guidance for navigating the intricate landscape of wealth, fostering sustainable wealth management, and leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations.

“If you can show up peaceably, in regards to your relationship to money, you can often show up much more peaceably in regards to relationships in general.”


[4:18]: Discuss the challenge of transferring wealth to the next generation, particularly for those who have experienced financial insecurity in the past.

[11:54]: Emphasize the importance of financial education and literacy, particularly for women, and encourage them to seek advice from trustworthy advisors.

[22:51]: Discuss challenges in having difficult conversations with farm families about transferring wealth, including feelings of embarrassment and humiliation around not meeting expectations.

[27:20]: Acknowledge difficulty in equally distributing wealth within a family business, suggesting mechanisms for addressing this issue.

[31:42] Discuss the importance of sharing emotions and perspectives on money management in a family farm business.

Dr. Moira Somers is a psychologist, family wealth consultant, and executive coach. She specializes in the psychology of money. Moira addresses matters that range from the highly personal concerns of individuals and families all the way up to broader service, design, and structural issues affecting financial follow-through and equitable access to capital. 

Visit her website for more information: https://moneymindandmeaning.com/

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