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19: Building the Container for a Great Family Meeting

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

In this episode of the Farm Family Harmony podcast, Elaine is joined by her special guest and fellow coach, Crisol Gonzalez, calling in from her dairy farm in Mexico. As a bilingual coach working with Spanish-speaking families across North America, Crisol brings a unique perspective to the table. With her background in law, education, and family facilitation, Crisol is well-equipped to tackle the challenges faced by farm families.

Elaine and Crisol dive deep into the intricacies of family meetings, focusing on how to build a conducive environment for fruitful discussions. They emphasize the importance of setting a clear theme for each meeting and establishing guidelines that promote respect, honesty, and active listening. Crisol shares practical strategies for managing conflicts and navigating diverse communication styles within the family.

“The first meeting that you are going to facilitate in your family, is the one that sets the ground for everybody to trust.”


[6:41] Highlights how the agenda should be focused on exploring the big-picture vision for the farm and family, with ground rules established to ensure productive discussion.

[11:36] The group discusses using a shared values board as a reminder of their chosen values during heated or unexpected moments.

[17:44] Crisol expresses frustration with a culture that wants things done quickly, but also recognizes the importance of planning and preparation for transition.

[23:14] Crisol recommends creating a safe space for family members to express their love and appreciation for each other, which can lead to more meaningful and productive conversations.

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