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18: Farm Women are Not One of the Guys

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

In this episode of the Farm Family Harmony podcast, Elaine is joined by Emily Nichols, an engineer advocating for gender-inclusive language. They discuss the importance of language in agriculture, highlighting how small changes can create big shifts in inclusivity. Emily shares practical insights and disruptors to foster more inclusive conversations, aiming to amplify the voices of women in farming. Tune in for inspiring insights into creating a more inclusive future for farm families and beyond.

“Words become habits and then habits become behavior”.

Check out Emily Nichols TEDx talk, “What if we didn’t have to be one of the guys?


[1:21] Guest shares personal story of transitioning from farm background to engineering, emphasizing importance of inclusivity and connection.

[3:18] Elaine expresses the importance of language in agriculture, sharing her personal experience of feeling excluded from the family farm despite being an integral part of its operation.

[9:03] Shares their experience of being misgendered as a foreign partner, highlighting the importance of using inclusive language.

[17:15] Highlights the importance of role models in agriculture and engineering, particularly for women and girls.

Learn more about Emily at emilynichols.com

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