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04: Grief and Loss in Farm Transitions with guest Jenna Zurba

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast


In today’s episode, Elaine introduces Jenna Zurba, a palliative care nurse with a background in farming who shares her story of leaving the family farm and dealing with grief and loss. As a coach, Jen helps farm families understand that grief and loss are not only related to death but also to the many losses experienced during a farm transition. She encourages families to acknowledge these losses and seek counseling to help them navigate this difficult process.

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  1. Nelkeke

    So helpful. I know we are grieving the loss of relationship with our son and his family and the sale of the farm. I just couldn’t call it grief cause no one died. Yet the heavy feeling and the tears that come and go are a tell tale. The woo is real and cacooning is healing. Many great podcast to listen too. The young couple that took over our farm are very thankful and inclusive. That’s also healing.


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