Celebrating the Many Roles of the Farm Mother this Mother's Day


Celebrating the Many Roles of the Farm Mother this Mother’s Day

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Celebrating the Many Roles of the Farm Mother this Mother's DayThe Farm Mother.

She may be your mother or mother-in-law, your wife, your sister or sister-in-law, your daughter or daughter-in-law. Or perhaps she is you. Regardless, this Sunday, May 14th is Mother’s Day and the chance for all of us to take the time to celebrate the mothers in our lives and the many roles they play on the farm.

Over the years I have written a number of articles about farm mothers and their role on the farm and in the family. I lost my own mother in 1998 and my mother-in-law just a few years ago. Both were strong farm women who nurtured their families with endless love and care, just like many of the farm mothers I meet each day. Like many of those mothers I meet, they too were concerned about the future happiness of their farm family and wanted to create more harmony and certainty.

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So this week, I want to circle back around and share some of our most helpful posts for farm mothers.

The first is 6 Important Roles for Farm Wives and How to Rejuvenate Them.  In this article, we explore the six areas where farm mothers play a significant role: Personal, Couple, Family, Work, Friends, and Community.  Women should constantly be thinking about the role they play in each of these areas and devising a vision and plan for what you want and need in each. Click HERE or on the image below to read this article.

6 Important Roles for Farm Wives And How to Rejuvenate Them

The second article we are going back to is What is Working For You Mom and What is Not? In this article, we are checking on on the role, or roles, you are playing on the farm to ensure that each is still a good role for you and if not, how to let go of it. To help we have created a simple Assessing Roles Worksheet. You can download that HERE. To read the full article, click the image below or click HERE.

What is Working for You Mom? And What is Not?

The final ‘Mom’ article we are resharing is, Are You a Farm Wife, A Farminist, or Both? This was a fun article that spurred off the term coined by Country Guide Senior Editor, Maggie Van Camp. Her term, Farminist, refers to a new mindset that speaks to the many women who are more than just wives and running farm operations. Much like Feminism, Maggie wants to see an equal opportunity approach to farming for our current generation and generations to come. Farminists see their career as agriculture and want respect for their skills, not jokes about their gender. Read the full article HERE or click the image below.

Are You a Farm Wife, a Farminist, or Both?

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