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Joy of Harvest Washed Away

by | Jul 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

When I kissed my husband goodbye this morning he said “I am headed to the swamp !” That pretty much sums up the feelings of many farmers who greet the mist of the morning with sadness. The joy of the harvest across much of the prairies has been washed away. About 40% of Manitoba cropland is left unseeded. Our new plan for the summer is weed control. We seeded 20% of our crop.

The president of Keystone Ag Producers announced on radio this morning that the economic ripple will be felt in Manitoba. Mr. Chorney said that we’ll need 2 months of dry weather to dry things out, so that we can manage the fields for next year. This is a call for creativity and patience as witnessed by the new “dualies” on the back of our high clearance sprayer that hit the soggy fields yesterday.

Last evening in Strathclair, Parrish and Heinbecker honoured its loyal farm customers with an appreciation banquet for folks to visit, enjoy great “Old School Catering” food, and hear my encouragement about choosing to seek renewal from the inside.Many tired faces greeted the ideas to affirm and encourage the heart of the business, appreciating family. Mr. Bill Parrish Senior attended the event and wished everyone a good year while he reflected on the history of two families, the Parrishes and Heinbeckers getting along for over a 100 years. Here’s a company that goes through continual renewal as it grows across Canada.

Renewal is an inside job. We have lots of external factors affecting us as farmers this year, yet we get to choose our response. I am curious what renewal tips you are using to keep yourself and your family during this wet stretch. I am walking with my IPod and my rainsuit down the lane, and drawing smiley faces in the gravel at the one mile mark. I am making sure I have fresh flowers at my desk while I work, and I am spending time on the phone with friends.

Please share your renewal tips to help you cope with the joy of harvest being washed away.

Remember, it’s your farm, your family , your choice.   Choose well, every day.



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