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Planting the Seed of Hope for Mother’s Day

by | Dec 4, 2011 | Farm Legacy, Farm Women, Grainews Articles

This will be the first Mother’s Day for us, with no mothers. My mom died in l998, and my mother-in-law passed away this winter. Both women were very strong farm women who nurtured their families with heaps of love and care. Many farm moms whom I have met over the course of the winter are very concerned about the future happiness of their farm family. They want harmony. They want certainty. They crave for plans to be resolved and finalized. This year you might want to give your mom flowers and a book that can change her life. “Planting the Seed” of Hope was published 5 years ago and is still timely today to encourage families to communicate, connect, and celebrate life on the farm. I am writing this in blog format as I am still trying to activate my database to get the word out, to encourage families to feed their minds positive choices for the future. “Your farm. Your family. Your choice.” means that we all make choices on how we run our businesses and cherish our families. I’d like to hear from you. We hope to start seeding by the first of May. Spring is late, and very cool here. The water is seeping into the sloughs, but there are lots of waterholes this year! Call 1-866-848-8311 if you would like to order a book to give your Mom. A book can change your life! Happy Seeding!

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