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Who wants the farm and when ?

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Uncategorized

Hey folks,
I have been on the road lots this winter. Last Saturday I had the adventure of sleeping on the floor in the Beiseker Town Hall when my hubby and I got caught in a true Alberta blizzard! Thanks to the kind folks of that town we had an enjoyable stay. Right now I am in Arizona working with www.infusionsoft.com an internet marketing and database group that is going to fix my follow-up failure. So we are enjoying the desert for a while.

This week I spoke to the Credit Union Central sponsored seminar entitled “Who wants the farm and when ?” I will be presenting this again on March 23rd in Langenberg Sask. and March 24 in Redvers. Sign up in the events section of www.wflc.ca or call 1-306-569-4567 to register for the 3-hour event.

The farming parents are looking for financial certainty for their future, what to do with non-biz heirs and a new residence. The next generation is also looking for certainty, mostly timelines that will be acted upon, and they need a decent farm income also. I am concerned that many folks have no wills, no financial snapshot of their lifestyle needs, and no clue how to get the conversation started.

Please join us to help your farm family start to talk about the tough issues, and discuss the undiscussable(TM)
If you can’t make it to the seminar, call anyway, so we can create new seminars for your town in the fall. There is also a great deal of interest in the Okanagan, so let us know your commitment to making changes for your farm business.

Remember, it’s your farm. Your family. Your choice.

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